Let’s play a little catch-up.

Well, this is awkward. I’ve been gone for basically three months without a word, but it’s not that I’ve stopped writing — I just found a different place to do it for the time being. Interning at Film School Rejects has been profoundly rewarding so far, and that’s still going strong. I’ve gotten to write about some of my favourite things (including but not limited to: teen girl strength and Christopher Whitelaw Pine). But there’s so much more.

I’ve been watching films slightly less. Not least of all because I’ve moved back to Singapore and films don’t release as frequently and as interestingly as they do in Sydney. Still, I’ve gotten to complete a couple of filmographies (the most recent of which is that of one Timothée Chalamet, who is wondrous) and am trying to complete a film challenge by the end of the year.

That being said, another hobby has piqued my interest considerably. I’ve gone back to reading a lot more and — even though this might be jinxing it — that’s going superbly. It’s even given me cause to actually take part in a reading challenge, and that’s something I never thought would happen after having the literal joy of reading drilled out of me by uni.

It’s also because of reading that I’ve felt a lot more at ease as a writer. It’s weird that I never thought about this throughout the seven years I was away and read so sparingly it was laughable, but if you want to write properly you really need to inundate yourself in words. Of course, not just fictional work but anything you can get your hands on. So I’m not there yet in terms of skill or exposure, having read a total of 25 books in 2017. But it’s a damn good start for someone who hardly read three since about 2008.

I’m planning to return to this space and write less polished, more free-form thoughts about films. Perhaps even books now that I feel a little more confident about them in general. It’s been an illuminating three-month break from blogging but I’m hoping to be back on form soon enough.

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