Let’s play a little catch-up.

Well, this is awkward. I’ve been gone for basically three months without a word, but it’s not that I’ve stopped writing — I just found a different place to do it for the time being. Interning at Film School Rejects has been profoundly rewarding so far, and that’s still going strong. I’ve gotten to write about some of my favourite things (including but not limited to: teen girl strength and Christopher Whitelaw Pine). But there’s so much more.

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In Memory of Anton Yelchin

Just going to start this but saying there will be spelling and grammatical errors. Guaranteed. I’m writing this at 1.30am as I find I still can’t go to sleep after days of trying to get more hours in. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly exhausting, no less because we’ve lost an inordinate amount of people so quickly. Some of a higher profile than others, but I think this body count is really starting to get to me. It’s all getting a bit too much and I need to put something down before I implode.

Trigger warning for death in general.

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