New year, new goals


This is just a quick little post to say that I’ll no longer be posting personal stuff on here (and all old personal posts have either been deleted or privated). I’ve never gotten the hang of that anyway. Instead, I’ll be using this blog for curation purposes – a writing portfolio if you will. Just a place where I can continue to talk about films until I am blue in the face because that’s just what I do.



Starting Over

I’m…here again. Trying blogging for the umpteenth time.

Part of this is going to be for practical reasons. Yes, it’s a personal blog, but there’s something in building a style of writing and maintaining it that I quite like. Finding a voice. Maybe it’ll help in the future, especially in the case of honing any writing skills for ~jobs and fun adulthood-related things like that.

But there is a point where I ask why I still bother, because unlike my teenage self who adored journalling and spewing just about every thought I had onto a blogging platform, I’ve probably become way more reticent to speak up in recent years. I don’t necessarily think I’ve gotten shier; just warier at my worldly inexperience, and I always feel I have too little of substance to say.

So forgive me if this space isn’t so much coherent as it is personal and messy. I have no idea what kind of posts I’m likely to put up at this juncture. More likely than not they’ll be related to my interests (films, tv, etc.), and how those things relate to my belief systems, because I’m the type of person who can’t really have hobbies unless they’re enriching in some way (even if it’s a fairly sedentary lifestyle that I lead, haha). I like learning and growing through the production of stories and fictional worlds, after all. I might even use this space to track my own writing work should I ever get off my butt and continue that novel I started last year.

It’s all so vague at the moment, so “keep an eye out” is all I can say.