Superheroes reimagined

Trying to not make this a pretentious post defending superhero movies is going to be a little difficult, considering what I’m actually about to say, but please bear with it. I don’t pretend to know a lot about comic lore either, and can thus only talk about these adaptations from how I feel they work as movies. But since seeing Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice twice over the past two days, and coming to terms with my enjoyment of it, I’ve been thinking a lot about how people receive these sorts of movies in the canon of filmmaking. There’s always going to be a lot of talk about whether movies of any genre “deserve” to be praised for one reason or another, but that all comes from the same place.

(Don’t you worry, this won’t be a spoiler-y post about BvS re: plot.)

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23 Film Recommendations

It’s my 23rd birthday today. Normally, birthdays don’t mean very much to me. I barely celebrate, nor do I really feel older each time.

Except I sort of do this year, and want to talk about something other than feeling inexplicably like I should be a fully-functioning adult by now, but truthfully am not one. So I’m going to blog about movies as that’s all I really am certain about in life.

Here are 23 films I would want everyone to see at least once in their lives. The list is numbered, with number one being the most recommended. But they are all incredibly special to me. Be warned! This is going to be lengthy.

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(Spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead!)

(Also apologies for typos or errors, I wrote this between the hours of midnight and 2am.)

Let me just start by saying I love Star Wars. I’m not even an age-old fan; just started the series this year in the hopes of catching up to the release of Episode VII, The Force Awakens. Mostly, I’m here in support of a very lovely cast, some of whom I’ve admired for many years and simply want to put money behind as best I can. But that’s not to say I never expected to love Star Wars as much as the next person. I knew after I watched The Empire Strikes Back that that was an inevitability. Even the prequels – though flawed – are fun movies with pathos to some extent.

And it’s no surprise that I loved The Force Awakens upon seeing it in cinemas on opening day. I wasn’t going in for the visuals necessarily – I bought a regular digital screening ticket, foregoing IMAX 3D in favour of being immersed in the story first and foremost. It’s a narrative any Star Wars fan would be familiar with, as it combines the greatness of the original trilogy with elements of the light, visuals-heavy prequel trilogy. Everything was done superbly and entertainingly, just as fans had hoped.

However, something about the film still irks some people who thoroughly enjoyed the ones prior. That conundrum occurs in The Force Awakens‘ protagonist, Rey (played very skilfully by Daisy Ridley). Have I written a blog post vaguely similar to this before, a few months ago? Yes, but the fact that it’s still a trend means I’m just going to have to say my piece.

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