On filmography hopping and five films that surprised me throughout the process

I’m not here with a review this time; shock-horror, I know. I’ve also gone more than a month without posting, for which I feel rather terrible about, and I have no excuse for it. Just sheer laziness and the ease of using Twitter as a means to spew truncated, vaguely film-related thoughts.

However, rather than focusing on really dissecting all the films I’ve been seeing in March, I’m going to talk about my penchant for filmography hopping, and how that’s really affected the way I see movies in general now. I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen earlier – I’ve been choosing which films to watch by an actor’s filmography since I was a teenager.

But I’m not even saying that I’ve reached some modicum of objectivity with film-watching, because I do still love things a bit too much, and try to give everything the best rating it could possibly get. Yet, I’m sure I’ve grown…less patient of bad films in recent months. More frustrated for a lack of quality that does exist in between the absolutely fantastic movies I’ve seen in my life.

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In Memory of Anton Yelchin

Just going to start this but saying there will be spelling and grammatical errors. Guaranteed. I’m writing this at 1.30am as I find I still can’t go to sleep after days of trying to get more hours in. The last couple of weeks have been incredibly exhausting, no less because we’ve lost an inordinate amount of people so quickly. Some of a higher profile than others, but I think this body count is really starting to get to me. It’s all getting a bit too much and I need to put something down before I implode.

Trigger warning for death in general.

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