When the blockbuster does it right

I’ve been watching movies regularly and maybe even fanatically for close to five years now. I’d like to think I’ve seen at least most of the popular stuff, even if I’m still literally a baby when it comes to certain niche genres, directors, etc.

I started with the ‘acclaimed’ stuff – many things on top 100 lists, a bunch of famous directors who aren’t renowned for making blockbusters but draw in a bulk of the film crowd. You know, people like Fincher and Anderson and Tarantino. Auteurs without the stress of being too weird or out there. Touching upon a few problematic directors along the way, such as select Allen movies, and just people I outright did not like, like the Malicks and Kubricks. Then there’s the move to the Von Triers, Winding Refns, and Bertoluccis.

All this is easily trackable; it’s pretty much a ‘film studies’ approach. I even took the kinds of classes where people sideeye you if your favourite film isn’t Magnolia and you’re not super into obscure documentaries. Just so I could learn more about the industry…or so I thought.

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