Review: 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Every so often, game-changing media pops out of nowhere – quite literally, as buzz regarding new films and shows is proliferated across social media in what seems like micro-seconds. I’ve stopped jumping on bandwagons too quickly but am very glad to have binged Selena Gomez’s passion project, 13 Reasons Why, early. It’s the kind of show you can’t be spoiled for. You should of course be warned for all the triggering material present in the show – it’s a huge part of the narrative and the show has a no holds barred approach to portraying all of it. (Click here for a list of warnings for the most triggering episodes, but I’d say be careful watching the entire thing. Triggers crop up at various points in the narrative.)

From a technical perspective, and from a character perspective that goes beyond the depictions of abuse and suicide, this is a well-crafted show that is – to an extent – sensitive of adolescence. But it is frank and blatant, and stylised and gratuitous, and that can and should be fairly alarming.

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Review: The OA (2016)

When I’d first heard that Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij were producing a television show for Netflix, I was over-the-moon about it. And it deliveredThe OA sports wonderful performances paired with a thoroughly intriguing narrative that skilfully treads the intersections between science fiction, reality, and spirituality. Spoilers ahead.

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